Andrew Klein Paintings

Artist's Statement

During the 1960's my work was non-representational and measured geometric. However, I always did figurative drawing on the side for purely personal pleasure. I did not exhibit drawings as I feared a contradiction to my paintings at that time. While living on the Mediterranean, I discovered the intense light and deep shadows of that region, and this led me to explore landscape, the human form, and objects deliberately arranged in space. I have continued to paint these subjects but now strive to formulate my own language and personal angle on 'reality'. My one constant is my obsession to surprise myself.

Painting - is a complex alchemy of technical knowledge and disciplined innate ability. For me it is also a foray into the unknown; the part which can not be deliberately contrived. I must relinquish some aspects of what I already know in order to make room for something else. At the best of times I find myself navigating a labyrinth of my own making, then searching for the exit or at least a possible exit. The painting completes itself at the point of exit, and then I ponder the next maze. In this sense, painting is a perfect metaphor for the life-death struggle, because having survived before is no guarantee of success in the next encounter.

Drawing - I need to do it because I find tremendous satisfaction at that point of intersection where a defined contour in undermined by the slightest hesitation or indecision. A line drawn with the utmost confidence will be betrayed by the mind's minutest insecurity. This can be very beautiful as marks on paper.